New Two-year Community Partnership Model with Familias en Acción, Kaiser Permanente NW, Meyer Memorial Trust, The Collins Foundation

Familias en Acción has received two year funding in the amount of $100,000 from Meyer Memorial Trust and $90,000 from The Collins Foundation to develop a community partnership model to integrate community health workers/ patient navigators into a team based health clinic. This is a two-year program that began during the summer of 2015.


The goal is to build a model process for partnerships between health systems and community organizations to integrate community health workers/patient navigators into patient care teams, with a sustainable payment model. The resulting coordination can reduce the impact of social determinants that affect health outcomes. When healthcare personnel have support to work with community patient navigators, the team can provide care of Latino patients that meets the Triple Aim of: higher quality of care, better health outcomes and reduced costs. At the conclusion of two years, the model will be available for implementation throughout Kaiser Permanente and will be offered to other health systems in Oregon and SW Washington.


Funding from Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation is the critical first step in building this model.  Familias en Acción is awaiting notice from other funders to complete the funding of this project.


For more information please email: Gail Brownmiller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Thank you MetroEast Community Media for interviewing Adam and Olga! It was great to share more about our work in the community.

Here is the segment for Nuestra Comunidad:





Health Empowerment Campaign

At Familias en Acción we have developed a commercial campaign to empower Latinos through active involvement in their health care. These are short video messages in Spanish that promote skills for the Latino patient. We hope that these videos will further encourage the Latino community members to engage with their health care providers and to feel prepared for their appointments. Education is the key to empowerment. 



Part 1: Preparing for the Doctor

We have prepared a short video to teach the community how to prepare for the doctor's visit. This preparation includes: documenting the clinic location, appointment time, and medications, as well as bringing the correct identification along to the appointment. Also, that the patient brings a family member or friend to an appointment for support. 




Part 2: Doctor's Visit

The second part of the campaign includes tips for what the Latino patient should do during the appointment. The key message is for patients to understand and ask questions regarding their medical condition, treatment plan, and medications. The doctor's visit can be confusing and overwhelming. Language, cultural, and literacy barriers only add to this confusion. Familias en Acción recommends that Patient Navigators attend appointments as necessary to bridge the gaps in communication between patient and provider.